Friday, June 27, 2008

Senator Whipple Endorses Creigh Deeds For Governor

One of the unique things about Virginia is that we have elections every year. What this essentially means is that even though we are in the middle of Congressional and Presidential races right now, there are statewide candidates preparing for an election next year as well. That can be seen in the fact that there have been several events recently for Del. Brian Moran and Sen. Creigh Deeds who are both running for Governor. It now appears as though the endorsements are beginning to come in for the two candidates. In an email sent out to potential supporters, Senator Mary Margaret Whipple endorsed Creigh Deeds for Governor.
When he announced he was running for Governor, I was proud to add my name to his growing list of supporters. Creigh Deeds is the Democratic candidate who will continue the Warner-Kaine brand of leadership that has brought us so far and will stand up every day for our shared progressive values.

It is all but certain that Attorney General Bob McDonnell will be the Republican nominee for Governor next year. Creigh proved to us in 2005-when he was our Democratic nominee-he could beat McDonnell by coming within just 360 votes out of more than 2 million cast. This despite having just half the resources of the Bush-Cheney funded Bob McDonnell. It was the closest statewide election in Virginia history!

We can't let the policies and politics of George W. Bush's Republican Party take control of state government here in Virginia. We must defeat Bob McDonnell, and I know that if we unite behind Creigh early, he will be successful next year. [emphasis in original]
When you combine this with the fact that Sen. Chap Petersen is one of the special guests at an event for Creigh in Fairfax on the 30th, I think it's safe to say that you could see many Senators endorsing Creigh and Delegates endorsing Brian Moran. For people who are not members of these chambers, you'll probably also see people from NoVA endorsing Moran and people from SWVA endorsing Deeds. All of this is simply to say that the endorsements to watch are when people are going against these trends (a Senator endorsing Moran or a Delegate endorsing Deeds).

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