Wednesday, June 25, 2008

FCDC Creates Blogging Going After Tom Rust

Although there are still some people who are a little uneasy with the blogosphere, more and more people tend to be realizing the potential benefits that blogs can bring for campaigns. Many campaigns, for instance, have begun including bloggers in their press lists and treating them as members of the press at various campaign events. Furthermore, candidates and elected officials have even begun holding events such as conference calls or individual meetings that are designed specifically for bloggers.

In a clear sign of how the establishment has begun realizing the benefits can be seen with some members of the Fairfax County Democratic Committee. That organization has run the blog Albo Must Go since March of 2006 targeting Del. Dave Albo and just started the site Bust Rust targeting Del. Dave Rust. In a statement released yesterday, FCDC's leadership hit on why they believe these blogs will be useful tools.
“Tom Rust does not have the solutions his district needs,” said the Fairfax County Democratic Committee’s new executive director Mike Burns. “Virginia is faced with a serious transportation shortfall at a time when the average American is paying record prices for gas, and Tom Rust’s solution is to tax a necessity ‐ food? It really shows a misunderstanding of the needs of the people he is supposed to represent and why an outlet like BustRust is needed so the residents of the 86th District can easily see what Tom Rust is doing in their name.”

FCDC started its blogging efforts with the launch of the successful Albo Must Go site in March, 2006. “If you are under the age of 35, you get your information in radically different way than people over age 35,” said FCDC Chair Scott A. Surovell. FCDC is committed to working to reach out to all voters and to use new technology to reach Fairfax County.
While these blogs are good steps, I think FCDC needs to put a little more effort into promoting these sites and making them a must read for people wanting to stay updated on Virginia politics. Having live blogs, exclusive information, or guest bloggers from some of the more popular blogs every now and then might be great ways of doing this. In other words, readers aren't going to come just because the site's there. The blog has to have something special about it that attracts readers to it.

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  1. Thanks for your plug. We have found our blogging strategy to be very successful.

    More and more political activity is being pushed into the internet and the political news there is often much better than the MSM.

    We have at least one more candidate blog in the works and our website is blog format where we push out information as well.

    Publicity is important and we are working on that also. Good suggestions.