Monday, June 30, 2008

Chap Petersen Endorses Creigh Deeds

On Friday I wrote a post about how Creigh Deeds was getting a lot of support from Virginia's State Senators. Well, earlier today Sen. Chap Petersen sent out an email which announced that he would be co-hosting an event for Creigh tonight and was officially endorsing him. He's what the heart of the message was:
Creigh Deeds is a leader who deliver results: Whether it was working with Mark Warner to reform our budget and make record investments in education or writing one of the most progressive environmental protection laws in the nation. He not only helped create the state's sex offender registry in 1994, but wrote Megan's Law, which put the list of sexual predators on the Internet. He has a passion for doing what’s best for Virginia and in the Senate leads with integrity and devotion.

Just listening to him talk about his vision for Virginia's future, you know right away he understands the concerns of everyday families and has thoughtful, innovative ideas for moving us forward. Deeds doesn't believe in the gimmicks or the divisive politics that are so popular in our nation's capital--and all too often in Richmond, as well--but do nothing to build consensus and find solutions.
As I said earlier, this shouldn't come as too much of a surprise since both Creigh and Chap are current members of the State Senate. What I think might prove to be important is just how active Chap becomes in Creigh's campaign. Chap proved to be a good campaigner and just came out of a campaign where he rallied the grassroots to beat a powerful incumbent. His big following here in Northern Virginia could therefore prove to be beneficial for two main reasons.
  1. It provides the obvious benefit of having more volunteers and potential donors available to the Deeds campaign which is crucial to any campaign.
  2. Having a popular figure from Northern Virginia like Chap Petersen help the campaign will also be helpful for Creigh because NoVA is supposed to be a stronghold for Brian Moran. This is important to note because although Democrats have had a fair amount of success in statewide races recently, NoVA is still home to a large portion of Virginia's Democratic voters and activists.
In other words, the involvement of Chap and his supporters would not only provide Creigh's campaign with the resources that could be extremely beneficial but could chip away at one of Moran's big advantages. Tonight's event could provide at least a glimpse into the enthusiasm Creigh's campaign is creating in NoVA, but I believe the true test will be what happens over the course of the next month or two as more activists and electeds begin deciding who they'll be supporting.

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